Why use pressure washer on a bicycle

Why use pressure washer on a bicycle

Regular use of your bicycle means it is bound to get dirty. If you are one of the many folks who love their bicycles to look clean, you may have either been cleaning it with water and soap or a pressure washer. Reviews on why use pressure washer in a bicycle seems to be against this. They support the use of water and soap but believe you should buck the trend of using a pressure washer. Their many reasons include:9

1. Damage: It is believed that the pressure washer would cause a lot of damage to the bearings of your bicycle. This is definitely not good news and is a situation you would love to avoid. Due to the pressure, there is every chance it is going to erode the paint out of the frame. It is not just then an issue of the bearings but also the paint of your bicycle. Having to respray your bike would cost a good deal of money, so it just does not make sense to be the architect of such an expense. As far as the bearings go, the pressure would wipe clean the grease on it.

2. Budget: You may have seen the pro teams use it but that is not enough reason why you should. For starters, they have a more robust budget than you do. When you bought your bicycle, you must have a period of time in mind which you expect to use it. When you compare, you would realize that your expectations on how long your bike should last for you are way longer than the expectation they have for theirs. This reason alone is enough for you to forget about what the pro teams do and rather focus on what you can do to increase the lifespan of your bike.

3. Avoidance Of Error: A look at the reviews of why use pressure washer on a bicycle reveals that the pro teams spray parallel when they use pressure washers on their bikes. As great as this sounds, there is always a chance that you might make an error while following this practice. Their strategy is quite simple, spray parallel and you would avoid the bearings. However, like we noted above, it is not only about the bearings but the fact that the coatings on the bicycle can be eroded. It is always better to err on the side of caution.

4. Hand Wash: At the end of the day, nothing beats a decent hand wash. Instead of using the pressure of the washer to remove grimes, you can gently wash it off using your hands. Once you learn how to do it, it would not take you as much as 30 minutes to hand wash your bicycle and see it come out super clean.

It is not advisable to look at what the pro teams do since they do have a more robust budget than you. There are many ways to wash your bicycle, the choice of one that would have the slightest chance of damaging it is best avoided like a plague.

Welding Helmets Compared To Bicycle Helmets

Welding Helmets Compared To Bicycle Helmets

Welding isn’t a normal everyday activity which average people take part in. Welding is a specialized process which involves using sophisticated tools to join metals together. The tools typically used are welding torches. Welding torches create high-temperature flames. At the high temperatures the torch operates at, it can easily melt the metal being worked. The molten parts of two metal pieces which need to be combined are then joined. Once the metal cools down and fuses, it creates a bond which is as strong as the piece of original metal. Welding doesn’t require any external adhesive to combine metal pieces. It simply uses the strength of the metal’s bond with itself to combine pieces. This makes welded metals much stronger than other configurations where two or pieces are screwed or glued together.

Due to the high temperatures which the welding torch needs to work at, welding can be a very hazardous process. Any person that decides to weld needs to take proper preventive measures to ensure that they remain safe. Common safety measures include wearing special protective gear designed to protect welders. The most important and ubiquitous of these is the welder’s helmet.

The process of welding creates radiation in the form of intense beams of ultraviolet and infrared light. While these light waves can’t be perceived by human eyes, intense and energetic beams of them can damage the eyes. To protect oneself from these pitfalls of welding, a welding helmet is used. A welder’s helmet is a special kind of helmet which uses a filter in the lens which blocks this radiation. In addition, the helmet also protects the neck and face from flash burns and the heat produced by welding torches. Finding a good welding helmet is a simple matter of searching for the Best Welding Helmet Review.

In comparison to a welding helmet, a cycle helmet is very different. The only thing that they have in common is that they’re both designed to protect the user in one way or the other. They’re both designed to serve completely different functions. The differences in design and form are indicative of these differences in priorities.

Welding helmets are primarily designed to protect a welder’s eyes. Towards this end, they have a special polarizing lens. Though they also protect the head and face from burns caused by high-temperature flames, they are mainly bought and used for the eye protection that they offer.

Cycle helmets, on the other hand, are designed to protect the skull and head of a cyclist in the event that he falls off his bike. To accomplish this, they have a lot of padding on top to cushion an impact and sturdy straps to keep the helmet in place. Bicycle helmets are much lighter and provide more peripheral vision. This makes them more comfortable to wear and allows a rider to be able to see the road and his surroundings easily.

Last, but not least, is the matter of looks. There’s not much to choose from in terms of style when it comes to welding helmets. For them, the function is more important than form. As a result, most of them end up looking the same. However, in the case of bike helmets, there are several designs and colors to choose from. Bicycle helmets are usually seen by other people when riding. This is why their looks are valued as much as the protection they offer.

Importance of carrying a gun when biking

Importance of carrying a gun when biking

It is that time of the year again. The sun is shining, and the stunning biking trails are calling you to taste the adventure. Now it is the time to pull out your mountain bike that you had locked in your garage and tune it up to get ready for a biking adventure. Perhaps this time you can take a trip to somewhere you have always wanted to go.

If you are planning to go for biking expeditions, the first thing to do is to decide where you want to go. You can do this by doing an online search to get suggestions of the best biking trails available. You can also visit online biking forums and ask for recommendations.

After deciding where to visit, the second thing is to prepare for your trip. Start by booking for accommodation in nearby towns or carry your camping gear. Next is to carry all the items that you need for your trip. Today let us look at one of the crucial items that you should bring along when going for biking expeditions. This is carrying a gun while biking.

If you are planning to go for a biking trip alone in a new place, you do not know what to expect. For instance, when you decide to go for mountain biking adventure there are many offbeat trails surrounded by shrubs and thick bushes. For this reason, you need to ensure that you are safe from animal attacks or muggers. Carrying gun everywhere especially when you are alone exploring the scenic beauty of the mountain is very helpful as it can get you form a jam. You can use it to scare an animal or protect yourself from being robbed all your valuables.

Besides carrying a gun to give you protection, if you love hunting, carrying a hunting rifle can add more thrill to your hunting adventure. However, you cannot hunt on any areas where there are biking trails. For you to take part in this sport, you need to ensure that it is legal to do so. In most areas, the local authorities like to preserve its beauty by ensuring that all the animals and plants are safeguarded.

Generally, the main reason for carrying a gun while biking is for protection. However, you need to remember that you will be carrying the gun while riding the bike thus the need of gun storage for safety. Luckily, there are many portable gun safe that you can carry along to keep your gun safe. This storage will help to protect the gun from going off accidentally. Besides, from avoiding to injure yourself, a gun storage will help you to carry the gun with much ease. Additionally, this product can keep the gun away from sight making it hard for the thieves to access it.

Biking is a great adventure for the whole family as it gives you with an amazing experience. However, you need to make sure that you and your family are safe when on the biking adventure. For this reason, you need to get a good gun for self-defense and a carrying case to make it easy to carry along without hurting yourself.

Riding a bike for fitness

Riding a bike for fitness

Physical fitness is subject in many social circles. The high number of subscribers for their services overwhelms the gym and workout areas. This phenomenon is highly attributed to enhanced technology and advanced technology. In the old times, you could walk to post a letter, your body muscles and bones would be naturally be stretched and there was less fat gain since your daily house chores and errands was a workout in itself. Currently, you do almost everything in the comfort of your home either using the smartphone, computers or laptops.

Individuals with busy work schedules understand the value of physical fitness and have designed various ways to stay fit as well as complement the old ways of enjoying the natural breeze from nature, Biking fits this parameter. “Fitness First Nation” as a theme in the first world economy uses biking marathons and events to promote physical fitness.

Why use bikes for fitness?

Biking has a positive impact on the physical and emotional health. You have to stretch your like limbs which is an aerobic exercise which enhances production of lactic acid and further supports an increase of blood circulation to vital organs of the body to accommodate the increased metabolic rate. This helps to reduce on fat gain and enhance the building of body muscles. An increase in body muscles means someone who can lift objects with ease without feeling tired and fatigued at the same time, it enhances your agility and muscular endurance. Have you wondered why some people can carry out some tasks with ease compared to others? This lies in an individual’s ability to endure a mass.

Biking, on the other hand, allows you to interact with nature, the natural breeze from plants and from water bodies- if you have a chance of biking on the shores of a lake, river or an ocean. It makes you appreciate the value of nature and adventure. Health experts have associated this with enhanced mood and increased production of hormones responsible for happiness. This further increases your positivity in life. This personality development is emulated in our daily lives through increased productivity.

In addition, as long as a biker is happy, be sure, he will have put his stress levels at bare minimum hence reducing anxiety and more so put depression at bay. This makes the mind to stay active and sober in decision making. As a biker, you will employ the use of logic and reasoning in solving various life challenges.

The digital era has both negative and positive impacts. It makes life to move on a fast pace, all these come at a price. You have to work extra hard to ensure your bills are paid and your family is comfortable. You have to have a due diligence on your life to have a balance between work and your physical health. Biking alone is boring, you can form biking groups and develop a habit of going for a bike ride for motivation. This helps to improve your social skills and overall social development.

GoPro for Bicycle

GoPro for Bicycle

Do you need a quality camera to capture events when out cycling? Images and videos create an album to store memorable events when out biking. The outdoor activity requires a durable camera that is shock and waterproof for you cannot dictate the prevailing weather conditions. GoPro is a renowned brand for high-quality cameras, though a bit expensive they offer value for the investment. Look at the Hero 5 camera series; it can capture all kind of indoor and outdoor filming. GoPro developers use high-level technology to design their cameras. Media fraternity, filmmakers and TV producers love the brand because of the proven image quality and the durability of their cameras. The CamCritic for once has positive statements about this camera brand.


The first question buyers inquire is, if the camera is suitable for outdoor activities like cycling, that means as long as it fits the criteria; it is considered a good quality camera. GoPro cameras produce quality videos and images with automated flash to support varied light intensity during cycling. Biking involves motion; you need a camera which has a high resolution to capture all movements and cycling actions. You need little expertise to use the GoPro cameras for professional photography; a little photographing skill will produce a near professional image. Check this www.thecamcritic.com/gopro-alternative/ to get more insights about GoPro and other alternatives.


GoPro cameras are small in size to fit in pockets allowing a rider to cycle and take a snapshot at the same time, the portability function of the GoPro cameras helps to mount the camera on the front part of the bike to allow you to concentrate on cycling activities.


Another reason a rider enjoys in GoPro camera series is the automated camera settings to customize the light intensity of the surrounding environment. The point and shoot function help to capture cycling events real time.

When you cycle for adventure, the nature of animals does not allow you to take a picture at close range. GoPro cameras have a wide angle of view, you do not have to be very close to the object to get the clear shot and it does not compromise on quality.


Most cameras are affected by a simple shake affecting the overall outcome of the image. GoPro camera series are suited for rugged and rough landscapes ideal during cycling.


You are out for a bicycle ride, never worry about the battery life with a GoPro camera; they have a longer battery life. However, it is advisable to have a battery backup just in case it runs out when still out in the jungle.


The control function of the GoPro series of cameras is on point, a simple press of a button the camera capture events on time. You can take several shots of the same event and choose the best among them.


To achieve the best picture results from the GoPro series have an idea on the use of the advanced settings options, set the correct function based on the surrounding and turn on the flash to automatically detect low light intensity for the best capture.

Best Way To Relax After Bicycling: A Massage

Best Way To Relax After Bicycling: A Massage

Losing weight can be hard. For those who wish to avoid the monotony of daily gym visits, bicycling could be an excellent alternative. The great thing about it is that you can experience the joy of traveling, viewing different sceneries while losing weight at the same time. It’s also pretty accessible and easy to get into. All you need to enjoy riding is a basic cycle.

In the past, biking was only about commuting. In fact, it was one of the only ways of getting somewhere. Bicycles were strictly used from getting from point A to point B. Times have changed quite a bit and cycling today is viewed as more of a hobby and exercise than a medium of travel. Bicycling is one of the cornerstones of an active lifestyle. It involves the mind and body and strengthens the coordination between the two. It’s great cardio that will help you to lose fat and develop calf muscles at the same time.

Like any good workout, bicycling is bound to tire you out. Cycling is a strenuous activity that is sure to exhaust even the strongest of people. One needs to relax and allow his body to recover to get the full benefits of cycling. Simply lying down or lounging on the couch may not be enough to relieve the exhaustion. The best way to destress is to get a massage after bicycle activity. A massage does a good job in boosting the body’s ability to regenerate itself. It relieves the strain that gets stored up in the muscles due to hard cycling. The fatigue often felt when tired is due to the knotting of muscle fibers. A massage is quite capable of taking care of this issue as well. One always feels fresh and rejuvenated after a massage.

There many different types and style of messages available. The most common one is the Swedish massage. It’s famous around the world for how effective it is in relaxing muscles. This technique is also known as a normal massage. A message of this variety shouldn’t be hard to find as most massage parlors and spas provide this service. A trained masseuse takes good care of your body by implementing effective techniques with a good pick of massage table here. It relieves the tension stored up in muscles by applying pressure to them from different angles with varying intensity. This type of massage is great for cyclists because of how it targets the muscles and makes them the focus of a massage session.

There’s also another type of massage that’s renowned across the globe for how relaxing it is. I’m of course talking about the Thai massage. It used to be hard to enjoy such an exotic and luxurious massage before. You would have to travel to Thailand to get an authentic experience. However, today Thai massages can be easily opted for in resorts or massage centers. A Thai massage is a very unique and therapeutic experience. It focuses on the entire body. It’s a gentle procedure where each part of your body is individually relaxed. Thai massages are great for cyclists who just want to lie down and relax after a long hard ride.

In conclusion, a massage is a great way to unwind after a session of strenuous bicycling. It’s a stimulus to the post-workout muscle building process. A massage session can also prevent cramps from affecting you during your next exercise session. Nothing’s better than a soothing massage to relax after bicycling to freshen up and get prepared to face next day’s challenges.

Using water heater after biking

Using water heater after biking

Biking is a strenuous exercise which requires high energy levels to complete the activity. The fan and physical exercise involved is a motivating factor that overrides the strain and pain. You need constant muscle endurance to ensure you can complete the ride with ease. What next after such an exercise? it is a common saying that after biking, which is characterized by a lot of sweating, all you need is a cold shower to cool off your body as well as regulate body temperature, what is the effect of a hot shower from the heater after biking? Let us look at the benefits of a hot shower after a biking activity. Cold water always gives a faster recovery but has detrimental effects on the body.

Luke warm shower is the most recommended by experts simply because it maintains the current body temperature acquired as a result of the production of lactic acid from biking. This helps increase blood flow not only to the organs but also to muscles where lactic acid accumulates. People with high blood pressure need hot water to enable them to maintain the right blood flow to vital organs.

Compared to cold water which causes constriction of blood vessels which further causes heart problems, the use of hot water maintains the surface area of the blood vessels which can accommodate the high flow of blood during the recovery period. Warm water from the heater allows the body to recovery slowly under normal temperature making the body assumes the same environment it is used to. On the other hand, cold water introduces a sudden change in temperature which might cause strain in various body vessels.

Find out what’s vasodilation, then that is the effect of hot water on the human body. Bathing in hot water after biking makes the blood to flow near the skin increasing sweating and allowing gradual regulation of body temperature. The overall effect is increased blood flow which replaces excess lactic acid produced during biking. Lactic acid on the muscle mass is the cause of all pain, naturally using hot water aids in the healing process. In addition, it also allows stretching and relaxation of tendons and ligaments to the right levels. On the contrary, when you pass hot water to an already damaged tissue you are damaging it completely to unrecoverable levels. The heat just reduces the pain, but cold water or ice is the best option.

Health wise, cold water has more benefits especially when you have sprain and strains. Hot water just stimulates happiness levels and offers you some form of unique relaxation. We do not mean hot water alone as if you want to boil yourself, but cold water is ideal. Whether a hot shower, or cold shower or lukewarm water, it is not the only the only post-biking activities, you should engage in. The baseline is allowing your body to recover. Rapid change in body temperature and physical movement has a detrimental effect. Engage in some simple activities to allow the natural flow of blood to various organs. Other activities include massage, walking, and jogging.

How Cycling Makes You Smarter and Happier?

How Cycling Makes You Smarter and Happier?

bikingWhether you’re from the market picking up some vegetables and fruits, or going home from a tiring day in school, cycling is obviously one of the many ways to exercise. But aside from a method of getting fit, it is also a great way to be smarter and happy. How does it make you happy and smarter?

It Gives You a Peace of Mind

Alderman conducted a 2-year large research to look at the association of meditation and aerobic workout. The people involved in the study were asked to do some combinations of meditations and exercises. They cycled using a stationary bike, then get involved in a short meditation session. The research team then examined their mental state. Within just 8 weeks, they were able to find see a change in their patients’ mental wellbeing, from clinical depression to nonclinical depression.

It Enhances Your Mental Ability

Every time you go out to cycle, especially alone, there are a lot of things that goes inside your head, consciously and unconsciously. This brain activity while cycling is a great way to keep your brain healthy. But how does it make you intelligible? While you’re cycling, you’re using your brain in different ways. While using it to keep your legs from cycling, you’re also using your brain to decide where to go or how fast to cycle.

Amongst the exhilarating qualities of several sports is the

One of the exciting attributes of many sports is the sensation-seeking opportunities they afford. Research shows that physical activity is viewed as a way to achieve our need to be excited, lively and adventurous. Risk and opportunities for a ‘thrill’ can be part of every ride – and the buzz of a fast descent, the rush of a bunch sprint, or the challenge of an off-road track or rock-garden can give us a grin that lasts for days.

Cycling Makes More Kind and Pleasant Towards Others

Whether you’re just taking a stroll downtown or bike through the trails with a friend or group of buddies, cycling makes your social life more active. A latest research concluded that sports involving groups or teams can provide a better general mental health and less stress to the people who joined.

One of the most significant qualities of a healthy brain is having a social life. It is a must to socialize with other people. Most people who get depressed lock themselves in their house and not doing anything. This greatly affects your self-confidence and self-respect. If you work out, you go out of your house and get a great opportunity to socialize with other people.

It is a Natural Anti-Depressant

You don’t have to kill your body by taking anti-depressants that will probably not work, and instead will just worsen your depression. In fact, a study was able to show that exercise, including cycling results to almost similar neurophysiological changes as clinical antidepressants. If you really want to fight off your depression, better start committing to physical activities, including cycling.


Cycling Safety Gear, Rules & Tips

Cycling Safety Gear, Rules & Tips

Safety Gear

Not buying the essential cycling safety equipment because they’re “too expensive” is an unacceptable reason, especially if you end up in the hospital with a long list of bills. Therefore, if you don’t want to keep yourself protected if ever you get into a cycling accident, we suggest you have these important safety gears.



Cycling is one of the few sports that require different types of clothing in various kinds of weather. For winter, you’d want an outfit that will keep you warm. Usually, the winter outfit includes arm and knee warmers and lightweight, compact rain jacket. Most of the times, the clothing should also be windproof.


All of the cycling helmets are made to meet safety standards. There are many arguments that it will still kill you in an accident even though if you’re wearing a helmet. But, will you really take away that opportunity to be able to protect your head in case an accident focuses its impact to your head?

Water Bottle and Cage

Even though you’re just strolling through the city, you’ll still feel thirsty. A filled water bottle, and a cage (if the cage provided doesn’t fit your bottle or if your bike doesn’t have one) is important to keep you from being dehydrated. Dehydration doesn’t just make you feel thirst, it also causes significant cramps.

Cycling Shoes with Clipless Pedals

This pair of safety equipment allows you to enhance your efficiency in pedaling by letting you pull both on the upstroke and downstroke. This method is fairly easy, you’ll just need practice to master it.

General Safety Cycling Rules


  • Ensure that you have the proper bike for the type of cycling you’re going to do.
  • Make sure that your bike is regularly maintained. Twice a year is the general recommendation.
  • Check your tire pressure several times a week and lube your chain every other week.
  • Check out the route before actually taking it.
  • Ride in groups.
  • Prepare your kit in advance.
  • Wear a comfortable and proper clothing and gear.
  • Always try to pass on the left, the same as you do with your car.
  • Use hand signals to inform other drivers/cyclists.


  • Ride a bike that is too big or too small for your height.
  • Wear yoga outfit or cotton-made clothing.
  • Overload your bike with things you don’t need.
  • Start too fast, especially in sportive.
  • Wear headphones.
  • Ignore other people using the roads/trails.

Cycling Tips

  1. Avoid hunching your shoulders so you won’t get so much soreness and fatigue.
  2. Picking the right seat to fit your anatomy. There are seats that are specifically made for women.
  3. Start slowly, especially if it’s your first time cycling, or if you’ve been out of shape for the long time.
  4. To avoid accidents in low light, wear brightly colored, reflective clothing. Or, you can also install reflective tape in your gear, and the bike itself.
  5. Avoid pedaling in high gear for long durations to avoid the increase of pressure on your knees.