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July 19, 2020

4 Must-Have Safety Gear for Advanced Bikers

Bike riding is one of the most amazing outdoor activities.

Bikers experience the pleasure of riding their bikes in a chosen terrain or location of choice. With advanced biking skills, most bikers easily navigate traffic and congested areas, including the toughest of terrains

However, this experience may be costly if they don’t have the necessary safety gear

Cycling can be dangerous because bikes offer little protection to the rider, compared to other vessels such as a car. Nothing protects a biker from crash impacts if he gets an accident and has no safety gear on.

Most bikers without safety gear often sustain injuries around the arms, legs, and head. This explains the essence of safety gear for advanced bikers to minimize injuries in case of an accident.

Here’re four-must have safety gear for advanced bikers:

  • Helmets
  • Guns and related accessories
  • Safety jackets and pants
  • Elbow and knee guards or pads

Top 4 Safety Gear for Experienced Bikers and Cyclists

1. A helmet

Helmets are essential safety gear for all bikers. Most states have it as a law that all bikers must put on helmets. The best helmets are those that meet safety standards.

Although so many bikers complain that they feel uncomfortable wearing a helmet, don’t ignore it. You can choose the one that fits you well because they’re available in varying styles and sizes.

To find one that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, choose a fitting helmet. Make sure that it doesn’t fit loosely and move around your head. Find the right size for you.

2. A licensed gun and related accessories

You may wonder why a biker would need a gun.



This isn’t meant to increase the rate of crimes. Responsible citizens with gun permits can consider carrying one when going for rides along dangerous routes or trails.

Your safety as a rider starts with you, meaning your licensed gun would come in handy in case of an attack in self-defense. Don’t forget to bring your magazine and bullets, including other necessary yet lightweight accessories.

For instance, the best ar-10 stock would be more lightweight to bring with you instead of other heavier accessories such as storage cases.

It’s easy to assume that you’re armed only to be disappointed when you’re attacked. Check your weapon before you set off for a dangerous riding or cycling trip.

3. Safety jackets and pants

To protect your body from injuries due to a crash, put on a safety jacket and a pair of safety pants. They offer protection from skin injuries that may occur due to abrasion during an accident. The best jacket is made of durable leather.

Safety jackets are of various kinds, with one being a black leather jacket with an off-center zipper. It may also have snap-down lapels and a buckle belt attached to it. Another type is the scooter-style jacket, among others.

Safety jackets of your preferred taste vary in size, color, and style. They feature strong pads located in the shoulder and spine regions for added protection.

The pads are removable if you want to rock the streets without looking weird. Other manufacturers have opted for extra protection using Kevlar fabric as the material for making their safety jackets.

Although most bikers often ignore safety pants, they’re equally important in preventing injuries that result from accidents. A tough pair of trousers like jeans can protect you from minor skin abrasions, but tougher safety pants offer better protection.

Safety pants made of tough leather offer more efficient protection. They also keep you dry in wet weather. Safety pants for racers also vary in types and feature pads around the lower spine and hip area, and knee caps.

4. Elbow and knee guards

Other essential safety gears include knee and elbow guards.

Knee guards offer protection to your knees and surrounding areas because it’s one of the body areas prone to injuries.

An elbow guard also offers the same protection, but around your elbows. The forces of a fall are usually around your knees and elbows, explaining the essence of the guards.


The above safety gear is essential. You never know when you’ll find yourself in an accident. And your safety begins with you.

Therefore, stop ignoring safety gear if you want safe rides each time you hit the road or a trail. Biking is only fun if your safety is guaranteed.

With so many kinds of safety gear to choose from, you’ll even find those designed for the fashion-savvy biker or cyclist. Choose the best safety gear; choose your safety.

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