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March 3, 2020

5 Reasons Why Bike Riding is Beneficial to Your Cardiovascular Health

Being physically active keeps several lifestyle diseases at bay. It is the best way to attain proper cardiovascular health. The heart is one body organ that controls most of the body functions.

 It is the only part of the body that you cannot replace. Meaning, you have to enhance not only a proper lifestyle but also a healthy diet for it to work at optimum levels.

What is being physically active? Can I walk daily and say I am physically active? It brings us to define what physical activity means. Health experts define it as anybody movement that actively involves the muscles and uses energy. Fitness experts refer to it as body movement that makes you sweat.

The simple form of physical activities includes walking, biking, playing outdoor games, running, playing, stepping up, and running down the stairs. You do not have to invest in any machine to become active.

 Just look at your schedule and align your lifestyle with activities that promote cardiovascular health. That aside, let’s focus on how biking takes good care of your circulatory system.

Cycling exposes you to nature, which naturally improves your mood.

 As you enhance to gain good health, you are also taking care of your emotional health. Moreover, other advantages of cycling compared to other human activities include

Fun: You can choose to cycle alone or join a team in the neighborhood. The pleasure of it is when you have to keep up with the pace of the rest. You completely shift your focus to the fun involved rather than the workout pain. Before you notice, you have covered a long distance and achieve your fitness goals with less strain.

Causes fewer injuries: Cycling is an activity with very minimal physical impact. As long as you follow the road rules, there are fewer chances of fatalities.

In case of any of them, the protective gear comes in handy. It explains why a helmet is a must-have gear for any biker.

Works out all muscles: Unlike a fitness center where the focus on a specific goal. In cycling, all the body muscles activate themselves. Be it the lower limbs, or upper limbs or lower body or upper body. In the end, there is a distribution of energy and burn out of calories from the whole body.

Enhance strength and stamina: If you are looking for the best aerobic exercise, then biking suits the definition. You start in slow motion, but at the end of it, it is intense, allowing you to increase your strength and stamina.

Intense workout: Cycling is ideal for all manner of workouts. It also depends on what you want to achieve. When you need a fierce exercise; then, why not increase your paddling speed?

Replaces sedentary life: Are you looking for a healthy means of transport to work? Are you tired of a sedentary lifestyle, and you want something different and relaxing at the same time? If yes, then try biking.

When it comes to cardiovascular health, these are the five ways in which riding your bicycle is of help

1. Control weight and reduces obesity

Research by the British University proves that biking burns up to 300 calories in just an hour. It is equivalent to 1200 kilojoules. It means that the more you cycle, the more you burn excess fat.

The research continues to advocate that you cannot just depend on cycling alone; you need to complement your lifestyle with a healthy diet. The science behind this principle is that there should be a balance between the input and output in terms of the calories you consume and release, respectively.

A healthy weight translates to proper blood flow through the blood vessels. There is no way you will have lifestyle diseases when you have a physically active life. Your heart will pump as desired without putting pressure on it- the causes of blood pressure, hypertension, heart attack, and stroke.

2. Improves lung and heart circulation

A journal published by Harvard University Library suggests that cyclists have only a 15 percent chance of heart attacks than non-cyclists. The study continues to note that the attacks are a result of other predisposing factors like genetics and not the physical activity of the individual. It is a clear indication that cycling is one way of maintaining your heart health.

3. Form of aerobic exercise

Another name for aerobic exercise is cardio. What this technically means is that it is a workout activity that uses oxygen. This is what cycling is all about. It involves both a rhythmic and low-intensity workout. Conversely, the exercise pushes the heart to work extra than its usual capacity.

It is healthy. Why must athlete practice to beat the world records? They have trained their bodies to maintain such endurance activities. Similarly, cycling teaches the heart to work at optimum levels.

 It burns any excess fat that engulfs this sensitive body organ including the inner part of the blood vessels. That is all it means to have good heart health.

4. Maintains the correct posture

Why do people miss their target when shooting even when they are at the range level required? There are many reasons for this. One of them is that they position themselves with the wrong body posture for the target.

A great biker must maintain the correct posture at all times. In the beginning, it may be tough since the body needs to adjust to it. With time, you get to have the right biking skill, which in turn takes care of your body posture.

Moreover, it enhances your performance and ability to increase your endurance and agility levels – a phenomenon, crucial for long-distance bikers.

5. Enhances body coordination

When you have no idea about the best workout for you, then biking is the most excellent option than any other fitness plans. The hands, eyes, legs, and brain must coordinate to get maximum speed. It is not only about the body coordination but also the muscles coordination.

It explains why a full body massage is vital after a biking exercise. The whole body works at the right level for the overall health of the cyclist.

Why must you struggle at old age with lifestyle diseases when you have the power to overcome them at a young age?

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