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October 15, 2019

Is It Safe to Use Well Water for Cleaning a Bicycle?

The main difference between well water and any other water is the fact that well water is hard water while soft water has fewer ions. Well-water softener removes sulfur and manganese which are the main ions that are responsible for hardening the water. Naturally, well water is not as sweet as soft water and also you use a lot of detergents when using the water since you have to ionize the water using the soap. When it comes to cleaning the bike, then there is no challenge when it comes to the kind of water that you use.

It is naturally safe to use well water to clean the bicycle. You will only have to go the extra mile of using more soap but if you have an option of soft water then you would rather go for it. You could also invest in a water softener to make the water soft such that it is easy to use and handle. There is no major reaction when it comes to using the well water on a bicycle. Moreover, this is a machine that has no engine. When it had the engine then it could be a different story since if it is an engine then it has an issue when it comes to the reaction. All is not lost, you need to invest in an ionizer machine or a reverse osmosis system to get the same function.

What are the benefits of well water to a cycler?

There is a possibility that the same water that people use to clean the bicycle is the same they will use to drink. There is no need for having separate water for different stuff. What if the children help you to clean the bicycle and out of curiosity then they drink it? Even you as the owner, you may be cleaning the bicycle and think that you are thirsty, what do you do? You may be tempted to drink it. 

You do not have a definite schedule for cleaning the bicycle. In most cases, you do it at home after the day’s work. This means that the kind of water that you need to have supplied in your home must be one that is safe and clean at all times.

When you are privileged to drill a well in your home; there are many technologies both simple and complex that aid you to get soft water as much as well water also has its advantages. 

Some of them include

  • Improved taste
  • Natural water
  • No chemicals despite the microorganisms
  • Clean and safe despite the ion content.

There is no need of going n extra costs by using more detergents when you have the option of getting soft water using a water softener or a reverse osmosis system. Are you a bicycle owner or do you use water frequently, either at home or at your premises? If yes then you need to have a water softener to get safe water for domestic use.

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