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Not all companies want to spend the time and financial resources to create a custom frame design, but would still like to sell frames under their brand name.  For these customers, Zen has created a line of private label designs. 

The private label frames are designed, tested and batched by Zen, allowing our customers to order in smaller quantities and add unique finishes and brand logos.*

Private label frames can also be used as a starting point for a custom design to meet the specific needs of your brand.**

The concept is simple: Zen designs and builds the frames, allowing our customers to focus on sales and marketing.

If you are interested in receiving additional information about Zen’s designs, please email us at

* Minimum order quantity of 10 units per design.  Discounts offered at 50 & 100 units. Availability will depend on when production thresholds are met. Custom colors and graphics options are available through external finishing/graphics vendors.

** Customization that falls outside of the current design will require additional engineering, testing, and minimum order quantities. Costs are dependent on the level of modification.