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May 28, 2017

Welding Helmets Compared To Bicycle Helmets

Welding isn’t a normal everyday activity which average people take part in. Welding is a specialized process which involves using sophisticated tools to join metals together. The tools typically used are welding torches. Welding torches create high-temperature flames. At the high temperatures the torch operates at, it can easily melt the metal being worked. The molten parts of two metal pieces which need to be combined are then joined. Once the metal cools down and fuses, it creates a bond which is as strong as the piece of original metal. Welding doesn’t require any external adhesive to combine metal pieces. It simply uses the strength of the metal’s bond with itself to combine pieces. This makes welded metals much stronger than other configurations where two or pieces are screwed or glued together.

Due to the high temperatures which the welding torch needs to work at, welding can be a very hazardous process. Any person that decides to weld needs to take proper preventive measures to ensure that they remain safe. Common safety measures include wearing special protective gear designed to protect welders. The most important and ubiquitous of these is the welder’s helmet.

The process of welding creates radiation in the form of intense beams of ultraviolet and infrared light. While these light waves can’t be perceived by human eyes, intense and energetic beams of them can damage the eyes. To protect oneself from these pitfalls of welding, a welding helmet is used. A welder’s helmet is a special kind of helmet which uses a filter in the lens which blocks this radiation. In addition, the helmet that adjust the sensitivity also protects the neck and face from flash burns and the heat produced by welding torches.

In comparison to a welding helmet, a cycle helmet is very different. The only thing that they have in common is that they’re both designed to protect the user in one way or the other. They’re both designed to serve completely different functions. The differences in design and form are indicative of these differences in priorities.

Welding helmets are primarily designed to protect a welder’s eyes. Towards this end, they have a special polarizing lens. Though they also protect the head and face from burns caused by high-temperature flames, they are mainly bought and used for the eye protection that they offer.

Cycle helmets, on the other hand, are designed to protect the skull and head of a cyclist in the event that he falls off his bike. To accomplish this, they have a lot of padding on top to cushion an impact and sturdy straps to keep the helmet in place. Bicycle helmets are much lighter and provide more peripheral vision. This makes them more comfortable to wear and allows a rider to be able to see the road and his surroundings easily.

Last, but not least, is the matter of looks. There’s not much to choose from in terms of style when it comes to welding helmets. For them, the function is more important than form. As a result, most of them end up looking the same. However, in the case of bike helmets, there are several designs and colors to choose from. Bicycle helmets are usually seen by other people when riding. This is why their looks are valued as much as the protection they offer.

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