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February 21, 2019


Cyclists are people that are exposed to a lot of dirt on their way to whatever place they might be going or cycling. This can be tough since some dirt tends to stick on clothes. They wear special cycling clothes that need special care and more often.

Manual washing can be tiresome and time-consuming, especially when it comes to drying them. This why cyclists need washer and dyers in their lives. For quick special washing of the cycling jersey and drying. The fact that they ear uniform simply means they can’t possibly own hundreds of then hence the need for an efficient way to clean and dry them in a very short period of time. A cyclist has the need to own washers and dryers, whats the best time to buy washer and dryer Lifehacker?

·End month

Most companies give offers during this time to attract more customers or rather to bait most of its customers since they have money in their bank account. I mean come on, its end month and most people have their monthly wages ready.


Weekends are super busy in most shopping places. Parking spaces full and salespeople are obviously busy. You won’t get that one customer attention if it’s your first time buying a dryer and a washer. You need to take your time and not feel like you have to let the other person get the attention of the salesperson. During the weekdays there is no pressure and you get the salesperson for more time to help you get the best machine available and you get to bargain for a good discount too.

·September and October

During these months the manufacturers get to unveil their new models in the market. That means previous models drop in prices making them more affordable.


It’s the holidays and most sellers get to give discounts of the year. You can win a coupon or even a voucher and maybe shop for free. At this month most shops are also doing a clearance sale. Good news to you, you might get lucky and buy them at half their prices.

·Holiday weekends

Any holiday weekend is a good weekend to shop. This is a perfect time for buying such appliances.

·Anytime online

Online stores have very high competition with each other for customers. Anytime browsing you might find the best deals online. With that said, remember the shipping factor into the final cost.

·Labor day

Labor day weekend marks the end of summer. And with the end of a season, there are seasonal sales. high discount rates during this time.

Since cyclist needs regular and often cleaning their clothes, electricity might be an issue. hence doing laundry with a washer and dryer means you take care of your laundry when its fresh out of the drier, lessening the need to iron. Washers also give a cyclist the chance to wash their clothes as per their fabric. Giving their clothes more durability. A cyclist needs washers and dryers to make their cycling life easier and more enjoyable without having to worry about constant laundry.

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