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Your go-to Platform for all the information you need about bicycles and biking for the betterment of all.


The mission of Zen Bicycle Fabrication is to become a worldwide go-to resource for information and content regarding biking.


Our aim is to encourage more people to take up cycling through biking advice and showing how biking can change people’s lifestyle.

About Zen Bicycle Fabrication

We love biking and believe in the bicycle. At the Zen Bicycle Fabrication, a bicycle is more than what people perceive it. Besides being a means of commuting, it’s fun to ride and makes an ideal tool for family bonding and sports.

More importantly, it’s a health tool and a great way for people struggling with weight problems to exercise. Cycling presents a good answer to many weight-related issues because it’s easy to incorporate into your daily schedule.

What We Do

We aim to advance our mission and vision through the following services available on our platform:


We offer our readers premium content. The content includes interviews with renowned cyclists, reviews, videos, races, news, and blog posts.


We follow a stringent editorial process to produce our content. This ensures we deliver quality content that our audience loves to consume. But, that’s not all. The content is done in-house by our expert contributors who’re also avid bikers.

Biking Events

We hold local events that are bike-themed. People with the same interests interact, have fun, and enjoy biking together through these events. Check our events calendar to see which events are coming up.

Fitness Training

Biking is beneficial as a fitness activity. However, some technique is required to get the best results from your biking activities. We offer biking fitness training for people who want to stay healthy while enjoying the outdoors.

Bike Races

Races are fun. We organize bike races for different categories and different types of bikes. Races include mountain bike climbing, road bicycle racing, freestyle BMW, and many others. Check our racing calendar and guide to learn more.

Why Choose Us

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All modern societies are facing problems when it comes to transportation and health. Vehicles burn fuels, contributing to pollution and the carbon footprint. This is killing the bio-system and depleting the ozone layer, hence the need for more eco-friendly alternatives. Moreover, many people work while seated or in jobs that don’t require a lot of physical movement. This, coupled with the proliferation of junk food, has become a menace to our health. However, there’s a simple solution to these problems - biking or cycling. Studies show that the best health solutions are usually the simplest. Biking is the most logical solution for most problems facing our societies today. It can help reduce carbon footprint and time wasted in traffic, atop saving on costs. Biking also allows us to indulge in physical exercises that we need to enhance fitness and general health. It’s the immense benefits of bicycles and biking that inspired us to advocate for increased use of these two-wheeled rides.

Client Corner

"I had a fantastic experience today buying my first road bike. I'm pretty intimidated by the sport, but Conner never treated me like I was stupid. No question was too dumb! During my visit I also watched all the sales people friendly greet customers and provide lots of help in an experienced but not condescending manner".
Jessica Doe

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