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July 12, 2018

Perfect shower after bicycling


The idea of cycling to work or to school has taken shape over the past few years. Ideally, it is one of the easiest ways to add a little bit of exercise to your everyday routine without being forced to carve out extra time for a gym session. However, if you are one of the few to take it up there has been an ongoing debate whether one should shower after a bicycling session with both sides having points on to why they support their side, needless to say, that taking a shower afterward has always hailed ground. If you are still not convinced below are a few keynotes on why taking a perfect shower after bicycling is important.

Remove sweat

After a long had cycling session, you might be tempted to sit down and relax. Exhausted and sweaty, reaching out to check on social media messages, offline texts, returning missed calls and emails might be overwhelming and to be honest that is what most people do. However, the perfect shower after cycling involves doing so right after a session. Not only will you be simmering in your own sweat if you sit on it for a while, but you will be sticky and no one, not even you wants to be around a stinky person.

Refresh body

As much as some roads constructed these days make an effort to incorporate a cycling lane, most cyclists have to deal with dirt roads at the side of the road. Apart from being met with everyday odors and the likes, most of this lanes are full of murk and dirty a cyclist during a session. Add water and you have a muddy looking impassable road that cyclist battle through every other day. One major reason to shower is to get this dirt and grime off you. Just like you would clean up your bicycle after a session, your body also needs some tender loving care to recharge.

Aid in recovery

Scientists have been in an ever constant battle on what the perfect shower after bicycling looks like. Do a search on mid-range water softeners (like this site: WSR) in relation to cycling and you will be hit upon with thousands of response all advocating for a cold or hot shower afterward. Needless to say that there isn’t a right or wrong answer in regards to this as both have their benefits. With cold water, you get to enjoy the benefit of quicker recovery and improved circulation. With a hotter shower, you enjoy a natural pain reliever that works wonder on joints. In the end, the perfect shower depends on your needs at that particular time and thus a reason to shower after cycling.

Avoid saddle sores

For those who like cycling twice a day, morning and evening taking a shower after every session may seem cumbersome, however, you more so have a reason to do it more than anyone else. As you might have realized, saddle sores can happen even if you have the perfect saddle for cycling. Hot weather, rain, humidity, and dried sweat crystals make the perfect recipe for a sandpaper-like kind of situation and hence the need to get rid of it more quickly. To get the added benefit of this, ensure that you research water softener review online to get the best water possible for that perfect shower after cycling.

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